Sunday, October 18, 2015

Made in America Monsters

The US is a weird place. A weird place that has a lot of weird folklore, urban legends, and cryptids running about. 

It's also a weird place that has fifty states, which means you can easily make a random encounter table with one monster from each state pretty easily:

d100 Monster
1-2 Monster Pig (Alabama)
3-4 Kushtaka (Alaska)
5-6 The Mogollon Monster (Arizona)
7-8 The Fouke Monster (Arkansas)
9-10 Big Foot (California)
11-12 Slide-Rock Bolter (Colorado)
13-14 Melon Heads (Connecticut)
15-16 Primehook Swamp Creature (Delaware)
17-18 Skunk Ape (Florida)
19-20 Altamaha-ha (Georgia)
21-22 Menehune (Hawaii)
23-24 The Bear Lake Monster (Idaho)
25-26 Tuttle Bottoms Monster (Illinois)
27-28 Green Clawed Beast (Indiana)
29-30 Monster Turtle of Big Blue (Iowa)
31-32 Beaman (Kansas)
33-34 Hopkinsville Goblins (Kentucky)
35-36 Rougarou (Louisiana)
37-38 Maine Mystery Beast (Maine)
39-40 Goatman (Maryland)
41-42 Dover Demon (Massachusetts)
43-44 Michigan Dogman (Michigan)
45-46 Wendigo (Minnesota)
47-48 Pascagoula Aliens (Mississippi)
49-50 Momo (Missouri)
51-52 Flathead Lake Monster (Montana)
53-54 Alkali Lake Monster (Nebraska)
55-56 Tahoe Tessie (Nevada)
57-58 Grays (New Hampshire)
59-60 Jersey Devil (New Jersey)
61-62 Spring-Heeled Jack (New Mexico)
63-64 Montauk Monster (New York)
65-66 North Carolina Sewer Monster (North Carolina)
67-68 Thunderbird (North Dakota)
69-70 Loveland Frog (Ohio)
71-72 Oklahoma Octopus (Oklahoma)
73-74 Colossal Claude (Oregon)
75-76 Green Man (Pennsylvania)
77-78 Mercy Brown (Rhode Island)
79-80 Lizard Man of Scrape Ore Swamp (South Carolina)
81-82 Taku-He (South Dakota)
83-84 Bell Witch (Tennessee)
85-86 Black-Eyed Children (Texas)
87-88 Skinwalker (Utah)
89-90 Champ (Vermont)
91-92 Bunny Man (Virginia)
93-94 Batsquatch (Washington)
95-96 Mothman (West Virginia)
97-98 Beast of Bray Road (Wisconsin)
99-100 San Pedro Mountains Mummy (Wyoming)