Krevborna Setting Posts

Krevborna: A Gothic Blood Opera Now For Sale at DriveThruRPG

The Heralds of the Weald
The House of Draghul
The La Scarla Family
The Lexikorum

Dragonborn: Sin and Becoming
Krevborna Fashion Show
A Visual Guide to Krevborna Characters
Sins and the Dragons they Birth
Beliefs of the Church of Saintly Blood
More Than a Likeness
Unusual Ways of Arriving
The Easterly House
Weapons for the Blood Hunt
Four Krevborna Characters
Demons, Devils, and Death Drives
The Possessed, Whisper-Singer, Scarred Demon Hunter, Absinthe Warlock
The Palmer
Wildeacre Estate
Born in a Megadungeon: Thrushcross Heights
Saint Azia of the Thorns
Saint of the Dark Places
Cittern of Cornelius Saltleven
The Blade Born of the Executed King
Undead Templates
Hear Ye, Hear Ye!
Haunted House Encounter Table
Organizations, Renown, and Perks
Gothic Victoriana Names
Autothysis Trap
A Night Gallery: Krevborna Inspirations
A Night Gallery: More Krevborna Inspirations

Krevborna is Electrum, On Sale, and Some Ways to Play It
The Krevborna-Ravenloft Express
Official Krevborna Map
Show Your Work: Krevborna's Influences
The Land of Blood Crawls Forward Inexplicably
A Miserable Little Pile of Secrets
Gothic Fantasy Adventure Generator
The Danger of Piety
By Eye, Blade, and Fang
The Seeker of Knowledge and the Destroyer of Knowledge
The Hexenjager's Bestiary
Dark Secrets
Pyrads, Keepers of the Flame
What Magic Items Are Like in Krevborna
Player Objectives
Warlock Patrons in Krevborna
Principles and Goals for Krevborna
Mater Monstrum
Life and Religion in Krevborna
Magic, Dragons, and Saints in Krevborna
5e Backgrounds: Witch-Kin, Knight of St. Othric, White Raven Agent
The Daughters of the Eel
The Ones Left Behind
Friends or Foes?
The Last Apprentice
Krevborna: The Book
Krevborna Book Art Preview
Krevborna: Cover Art and Progress Update
Krevborna: Building an Open-Table Setting (now outdated)