Sunday, June 9, 2024

The Iscarion Academy and the Malishnikov Factory

Two more potential adventure locations in Creedhall:

The Iscarion Academy

The Iscarion Academy is an exclusive boarding school for the young scions of wealthy, aristocratic families. The Iscarion Academy’s sprawling campus of stately buildings is located far from the hustle and bustle of Creedhall’s busiest districts—the better to keep its charges out of trouble and its nefarious agenda out of view. 

    • Visitors with a keen eye cannot help but notice the dragon motifs present in the decorative elements and the nouveau ornamentation found throughout the school.

    • Some youths sent to the Iscarion Academy are singled out for induction into the school’s secretive Hekate Program, a secret curriculum devoted to the accumulation and exercise of wealth, status, and social power. 

    • Students admitted to the Hekate Program are trained in a variety of skills and techniques, such as psychological manipulation, subtle interrogation, and the use of poison, that will allow them to exert political influence when they leave the school to enter the upper echelons of society. 

    • The headmaster of the school is Severina Feist, an accomplished hypnotist who uses mind-control to inspire utter loyalty in her charges, convince wealthy families to send their children to the Iscarion Academy, and secure outlandish funding for her school. 

The Malishnikov Factory

Located in a squalid ward of abandoned warehouses, the now-defunct Malishnikov Factory was once a workshop that produced a patent medicine of dubious efficacy. 

    • Although the factory is believed to be vacant, it currently serves as the lair of the Brass Messiah. 

    • The Brass Messiah is a sentient construct who preaches liberation to his fellow created beings; he believes that they are destined to rule over the “weak-fleshed mortals” who built them. 

    • The Brass Messiah’s constructed disciples call themselves the Prometheans; they wish to discover the magical and scientific processes needed to create more of their kind.

    • The Widow, a porcelain-faced mechanical construct, is the Brass Messiah’s lieutenant; she works alongside him to free other sentient constructed beings from bondage—though she vehemently disagrees with his more supremacist views.