Music Posts

Aurorae, 100.000 Faces, Darker Thoughts
Crawling King Chaos, Morning Star, Rex
Fall From Grace, Dim Days of Dolor, Year of the Rat
Rooms and Shadows, Blackest Magick in Practice, Let Sleeping Corpses Lie

Songs for the Dead

Amber Asylum, Batushka, Wolvserpent, Raison d'etre
The Best in Brutality: 2015
The Cacophony of the Funereal Moon
Carach Angren, Igorrr, Sabbath Assembly
Fuath, A Dream of Poe, When Nothing Remains, Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard
The Howling Void
Ides of Gemini, Igorrr, Volur
Igorrr, Dour Festival
Isa, Lychgate, The Howling Void
Mirror Reaper
Myrkur, Black Dahlia Murder, Earth
Top Metal of 2018

Abandoned Grace
The Allure of Thrones
Angelique in the Cathedral
Ascend in Winter, Descend as Fire
Blighted Mansions
Blue Flower Psyche Death Spiral
Bright Eyes and Madness
The Broken Sword
Carpathian Crusade
Chancel by Night
The Death of Needless Aspirations
Etched Upon the Wrist
The Extinguished Midwinter Fire
Faces in the Sacrificial Rose Clouds
For Those Who Must Sacrifice
A Funeral in the Mountains
Garish Belial
Lyssa's Torment
The Martyr's Kiss
Orchestrated at the Edge
The Quiet of Arboreal Graves
Red Acid Haze
Unafraid to Walk in the Forest's Maw
The Uncaring
The Waltz of the Vainglorious
Welcome to the Night, Vanessa
The Witch's Guest