Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Savage Worlds: Rippers Actual Play 1

I finally ran a game on G+ and I think it went pretty well! We started the plot point campaign from Savage Worlds: Rippers, but I suspect subsequent games will go further afield. (Spoilers ahead.)

First Session Recap
The Cast:
- Gideon Egan, inspired preacher
- Henry Zeitgeist, mad scientist
- Solomon Monday,  islander whaler (and possible cannibal)
- Thumper McClusky, pugilist (and possible cannibal)

Outstanding Problem:
- Abraham Van Helsing is missing!

Information Attained:
- Van Helsing was in Scotland, but after examining the symbols on a column on an ancient pillar may have headed to Egypt in search of "the pillar of Atlantis"
- A scrap of paper found in the pockets of a monstrous man says, "Omega arrives tomorrow. I am assured the biosphere will be finished on time. All is proceeding to plan. J"
- Henry's research and experimentation on a tissue sample taken from said monster man indicates that there is more than one monstrous individual about to transforms into a hulking beast afoot in Britain. Since the players apprehended one of these in Hyde Park, the Ripper Organization has begun calling them "Hydes" as a code-word.

- A foul murderer apprehended by a foul-mouthed murderer in Hyde park!
- A blasphemous Templar-Freemason cult in Scotland purged from the face of the earth!
- Baphomet was prevented from being summoned by an invisible man wrestling the head of a saint away from a Templar while a rain of bullets thundered throughout an ancient and befouled church.

Oddities Attained:
- The alleged head of John of Baptist, enclosed in a silver head-shaped case. The now-vanquished cultists claimed that the head has the power to control demons, but many in the Rippers Organization feel that the head possesses a malign influence.