Sunday, May 26, 2024

The Borcheza Perfumery and Strayling Observatory

Two mode potential adventure locations in Creedhall. The Borcheza Perfumery has a strong "Rappiccini's Daughter" influence. For the Strayling Observatory...I just think big telescopes are cool, man.

The Borcheza Perfumery

The Borcheza family has a long history in the fragrance trade in Krevborna, and they are justly famed for the alluring and exotic scents they have produced for the aristocratic class and the well-to-do. However, despite the sterling reputation of the Borcheza name, the family hides a dark secret.

    • Roderick Borcheza was terrified when he thought of the future of the family business; as he and his wife had not managed to produce an heir who could assume control of the company, it looked as though he would be the last of the famed Borchezas involved in perfumery. 

    • Desperate for a scion who could continue the Borcheza’s dominance of the perfume market, Roderick resorted to foul alchemy, combining the vital essences of hanged criminals and rare flora to “birth” a sentient plant granted human shape and the ability to exude a deadly toxin from her skin.

    • Roderick named the “girl” Isabel and raised her as his daughter, hopeful that the family business would survive under her eventual stewardship.

    • Isabel possessed a cruel cunning from her earliest years, a trait that only become more pronounced as she blossomed into a beautiful and precocious teenager. 

    • On her eighteenth birthday, Roderick got his wish—she assumed control of the Borcheza Perfumery. 

    • However, this was a hostile takeover; Isabel released a noxious, poisonous perfume within the Borcheza home, which she was immune to, that killed her ersatz “father” and “mother.” 

    • Claiming that her parents had been taken to their graves by the plague, Isabel became the head of the family business. 

    • Recently, Isabel has begun to replicate Roderick Borcheza's experiments in hopes of creating more of her inhuman kind within the greenhouses she has inherited.

Strayling Observatory

Built atop the highest hill at Creedhall’s outskirts, Strayling Observatory tracks the movements of the stars. The natural philosophers who maintain Strayling Observatory point its telescope into the night sky, charting the wonders of the cosmos. 

    • Although most of their work is mundane in nature, a few members of Strayling’s staff have a particular interest in using the observatory’s facilities to make contact with the entities they believe lurk beyond the firmament.

    • The eldritch-minded members of the observatory’s staff tirelessly work to decode the strange emanations of the stars used as arcane messages from the dark reaches of the cosmos.