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Chateau Frankenstein and Creedhall University

Two locations in Creedhall, each of which twists the virtue of knowledge toward horrific ends.

Chateau Frankenstein

A lone manor stands on the isle at the center of Loch Riven—the foreboding Chateau Frankenstein. This ancestral seat has been inherited by Doctor Viktoria Frankenstein, the heir of the infamous Frankenstein family who continues the “family business” of creating golems from corpses and the refuse of the slaughterhouse.

    • The only visitors to the chateau are the body snatchers and resurrectionists Viktoria employs to bring her the grisly fodder for her experiments. 

    • Lightning continually flashes over Chateau Frankenstein; Viktoria’s monstrous apparatus draws it to the manor, where it is used to fuel her inquiries into endowing dead flesh with a semblance of life.

    • Viktoria Frankenstein is protected by a number of constructs of her own devise, such as the Orphan—a construct devised to look like a young girl who functions as Viktoria’s assassin.

Creedhall University

Creedhall University is the preeminent institution of higher learning in Krevborna. Although the university employs respected scholars from a wide variety of disciplines, some departments are dogged by rumors that they pursue less than savory scholarly interests. 

    • Some families are reluctant to send their children to the university’s lecture halls for fear that they will return steeped in occult lore instead of more practical subjects.

    • As the library of Krevborna’s most hallowed educational institution, Creedhall University Library is an astoundingly well-funded repository of learning and knowledge. 

    • The library possesses books related to any imaginable topic, though some of its archives are highly restricted due to the fell nature of the tomes involved.

    • Although most of the staff of the library works to maintain and catalog the library’s holdings or assists the scholars of Creedhall with their research, the library employs a number of adventurers who are tasked with seeking out and obtaining rare books, scrolls, and other writings under the aegis of its Special Collections Department. 

    • The agents of Special Collections Department are rarely sent after mundane books; they deal in the arcane, the occult, and the forbidden.