Sunday, November 27, 2022

The Funeral Gardens and Havenhill

Below are two locations that might be explored in adventures in Sibersk:

The Funereal Gardens

On a small parcel of land in Sibersk sits the abode of Eurysa Margrave, a celebrated “sculptor,” and her famed garden of statues.

    • Eurysa is a medusa, a fact she takes pains to hide. 

    • Her sculptures are simply men and women who have been kidnapped and turned to stone under her dreadful gaze. 

    • Eurysa prefers to capture her subjects either in moments of pleasurable abandon or at the panicked heights of fear. 

    • The vampire lords and ladies of Sibersk make it a point to visit the funereal gardens to view Eurysa’s latest creations.


Havenhill is an orphanage located in Morgundy where foundlings, forsaken children, and parentless waifs are housed and fed. 

    • The orphanage also secretly offers a hospital wing where women who have become pregnant out of wedlock can bear their children in privacy. 

    • However, many of these women fall prey to a hantu penanggal who masquerades as a kindly nurse by day. 

    • Havenhill is haunted by the ghosts of the women who died as victims of the hantu penanggal’s hunger for the flesh and blood of the innocent and unborn.