Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Morgundy and Myrkrania

Two of the most important locations in the Sibersk region of Krevborna: the seats of its two most powerful vampire lords.


Morgundy is Countess Alcesta von Karlok’s fiefdom in eastern Sibersk and the acknowledged center of culture in the land.

    • The Countess’s court attracts artists, dancers, musicians, poets, and actors who find the unnatural allure of undeath to be aesthetically inspiring. 

    • The pleasures offered in Morgundy dull the pain and monotony of toil on behalf of the Countess. Taverns, brothels, and gambling dens litter the streets of her domain. 

    • At the center of Morgundy stands Castle Siebenhurst, the Countess’s seven-spired fastness of gleaming white stone; its stained glass windows depict acts of carnal depravity.


Myrkrania is the heavily fortified fiefdom of Count Magnus Draghul in western Sibersk. 

    • Count Magnus demands that the people of Myrkrania suffer meekly under the imposition of austerity. 

    • Myrkrania is the central hub of trade in Sibersk, but the serfs do not benefit from increased access to food or other goods. The Count stockpiles grain and other necessities for the war he wishes to wage against Alcesta von Karlok. 

    • Order is kept in Myrkrania by the Count’s brutal enforcers—vampire knights trained by Count Magnus himself.

    • Overlooking the fiefdom is Castle Draghul, Count Magnus’s sprawling and imposing mountain keep.