Sunday, December 11, 2022

The White Pearl Has Been Found!

Aos's Spelljammer campaign continued in a short session in which we finished off our exploration of the Black Pyramid.

The Characters

Xastra, githyanki warlock

Professor Nefarious Jones, goblin artificer

Hemlock, tiefling rogue

A Pal Goes AWOL, a New Friend Appears

During the exploration of the black pyramid, Ted went missing. However, Professor Nefarious and Xastra were soon joined by Hemlock, a tiefling adventurer they found wandering around the complex. This new acquaintance proved to be a real lifesaver when Xastra and the Professor plummeted from one level of the dungeon into the cold rushing water of the level below. Hemlock managed to get a rope tied in place so the now-soaked pair could climb back up to safety.

The group were also confronted by a giant spectral eye, that seemed to be the projection of a sleeping dragon, who was none too pleased to hear that they were seeking the White Pearl within the pyramid. In another chamber, half-finished mummies were found; Hemlock and Xastra rolled up their sleeves to loot in the bodies, and found several grave goods to add to their growing stash.

The next significant challenge came when the group found a door that had clearly been spiked shut from the other side. Foolhardy and overconfident, Xastra teleported past the door and...stumbled into the midst of a mind flayer and its gnoll cohorts resting. Shouting "Ta-da!" Xastra smashed the spikes out of the door and flung it open so that Hemlock and the Professor could join the fray.

Luckily, the mind flayer's mental blast fried the brains of its gnoll companions. Unfortunately, it also did a number on the Professor and Hemlock. Xastra, being resistant to psychic assault, faired somewhat better. Indeed, her hatred of mind flayers rose to the surface and a combination of hex and eldritch blasts soon exploded the mind flayer's head into a gooey mess. Searching the chamber revealed the White Pearl in an ark-like encasement. 

Beat up from the confrontation with the mind flayer, the group took shelter in a more defensible room, then decided to head back to the Al Waxman with the White Pearl, the basilisk eggs they had located earlier, and all the treasures they had looted from the pyramid.