Tuesday, December 20, 2022

The Royal Gorgana Opera House and the Tvarblinka Plague Pit

Two locations in the Sibersk region of Krevborna.

The Royal Gorgana Opera House

The Royal Gorgana Opera House is the heart of high culture in Morgundy. 

    • Beneath the opera house is a vast system of caverns that host the Supplicants of the Razor’s Kiss, a pleasure cult that venerates Khelana, the archdevil Queen of Forbidden Pleasures. 

    • The cultists of the Razor’s Kiss view pain and degradation as the highest forms of beauty and art; they worship Khelana through sadomasochistic rituals.

    • Countess Alcesta counts the cultists as her most ardent and loyal supporters. 

The Tvarblinka Plague Pit

Before the arrival of the vampires who would become the overlords of Sibersk, the grand city of Tvarblinka suffered through a prolonged and virulent plague. Before the last remnants of the populace emigrated elsewhere, they threw the corpses of the dead into a colossal mass grave. 

    • Because Tvarblinka was founded at the northern edge of Sibersk, the corpses in the plague pit were largely preserved by the cold and frost. 

    • Although the cause has yet to be discovered, the corpses have begun to dig themselves out of Tvarblinka’s plague pit and march south to devour the living.