Friday, May 13, 2016

An Unholy Misc.: Dungeons and Dragons Links Edition

It seems like people have been asking "Why doesn't Wizards of the Coast make their Magic: The Gathering settings into Dungeons & Dragons settings?" for ever. Well, they've started doing just that with this pdf for Zendikar. Fingers crossed that they'll do Innistrad as well.

Confused by how the mechanics of magic & combat intersect in 5e Dungeons & Dragons? This post will sort you out.

It's hard to explain what playing D&D is like to people who haven't experienced an RPG before. These videos might help.

Did you know that Wizards of the Coast has a Twitch channel?

This interview with Jeremy Crawford is surprisingly interesting. Did you know he almost became a monk? Like, a literal monk--not the character class.

This is a decent starting place on how to write a D&D adventure.

Did you know that you can read Dragon+ online without using an app? I didn't.

Grognards predictably shat themselves when John Wick gave Caesar's thumbs-down to Tomb of Horrors, but I have to agree with him about the best D&D adventure of ALL TIME.