Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Secret Society: The Concordia

The Concordia 
A secret society in Umberwell.

The members of the Concordia work to “peacefully” establish a world order that is free from war and strife through mental and emotional coercion. They are willing to disregard the personal agency of individuals in order to achieve a worldwide harmonious existence. In order to foster their vision of utopia, the Concordians pursue psionic disciplines that can be used to alter moods, sways minds, and bend wills to their mission. To the members of the Concordia, dissidence is a disease that can be cured by means of mental control and psychological warfare.

All is quiet and good inside the termite mound.

  • Peace is the only ideal worth striving for.
  • The individual must always subservient to the whole.
  • Create a utopia where law, order, and stability reign.
  • Study the psionic arts so that those unwilling to join in the world's new order might be controlled and made compliant.

I Have a Use For You
  • Persuade a hawkish general to pursue diplomatic means rather than militaristic ones.
  • Abduct a mystic so their psionic powers might be studied.