Monday, May 21, 2018

The City's Songs

A multitude of unusual musical styles finds an audience in Umberwell, from the dissonant shrieks and moans of Yvana Gallows, a black-maned and kohl-eyed cabaret chanteuse, to the melancholy dirges performed by the corpse-painted “black skald” band Plutonian Howl. Popular and underground musicians alike magically record their songs on wax cylinders so that their wealthier fans may enjoy their music in the comfort of their own homes.

Jeremiad Street Asylum, by Traviata Maru. A tragic opera aria about a woman who visits her lover in a madhouse after he has been exposed to an unspeakable horror from the Far Realm.

Up to No Good, by Skinny Wailer. A raucous, upbeat tune about a wild, champagne- and drug-fueled night out on the town in Umberwell.

In the Dark of the Night My Lover Went Cold, by Yvana Gallows. A morbid murder ballad about a woman who slays her cheating beau—the story is related from her perspective while she awaits execution.

The Elfshine Blues, by Berrian Liadon. A comedic cabaret song about a pair of elven brothers brewing up a batch of moonshine for an underground speakeasy.

Glory in Decay, by Plutonian Howl. A grim blast of black skaldism that features the band’s typical combination of magically distorted lutes and unearthly screeched vocals.

* * *

Traviata Maru is Anne's character in my campaign. Now she has a hit song!