Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The New Progress

The members of the New Progress believe that Umberwell’s future is dependent on artificer magic—the fusion of mechanical technology and arcane spellcraft; they feel that the admixture of invention and magical artifice will propel unheralded innovations. The New Progress is a joint venture between the most speculative inventors from Umberwell’s scientific community and wizards seeking new applications for the ancient traditions of magic. The New Progress takes a dim view of the workers who construct the city’s technological wonders; they believe that the city will not truly prosper until it is ruled by an arcane technocracy.

The future lies at the crossroads between magic and machine.

  • Arcane magic is a natural phenomenon that should be studied scientifically.
  • Daring innovators are the great forces of history.
  • Those born without genius are nothing more than useful hands.
  • Accelerate the march of progress at any cost.
  • Lay the groundwork for a technocracy in Umberwell.

  • Eliminate a druidic preacher who advocates returning to primitivism.
  • Summon an extraplanar being to be dissected and studied to further important research.
  • Retrieve an artificer device that has fallen into the hands of the Children of the Ashen Sun.

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