Thursday, July 11, 2019

Unlikeable Protagonists, Thieves' Cant, Rural Mardi Gras

A Brief History of "Unlikeable" Protagonists
- Laura Benedict (CrimeReads)

Why Did "Thieves' Cant" Carry an Unshakeable Allure?
- Amelia Soth (Jstor Daily)

Wild Photos of Louisiana's Rural Mardi Gras Bacchanals 
- Beckett Mufson (Vice)


  1. "Veep" really leaned very hard into the idea of making EVERY character on the show unlikable. And yet, I really liked the show itself!

    1. I think the idea that you have to be able to "like" characters in fiction for it to be good is wrong-headed. What you need is the characters to be compelling, not necessarily likable. I bet Veep hit that mark for you!