Friday, November 22, 2019

Identity and the Vampire Chronicles, Surrealist Western, Had to Be Whores

Something With Teeth: Finding My Identity in Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles
- K. M. Sparza, Tor

Sergio Leone: The Surrealist Western
- Doug Kim, Chasing Light

Jack the Ripper’s victims had to be whores. Anyone saying different risks a trolling
- Stephanie Merritt, The Guardian


  1. Interesting little article about the Trolling of Jack the Ripper Historian Hallie Rubenhold. Interesting to note that the other authors and historians receiving "criticism and dissent" and "internet pile-ons" referenced in the article are female. It mentions misogyny of the Ripper victims, and links to a different article about the misogynistic threats another author receives, but doesn't outright say that the probable cause of all this "trolling" is modern day misogyny.
    The articles takeaway is "The danger is that online pile-ons such as Rubenhold and Beard experienced might deter thinner-skinned writers from tackling certain subjects or personalities. Now, more than ever, we need to be bold in revisiting what we think we know about the past, unearth the unheard voices and defend the facts."
    Whereas my takeaway is that the world is awful and full of misogyny.
    I guess I just think that if these historians were men they wouldn't receive this level of backlash for opposing views.
    I also find it odd not to confront the misogyny dead-on when it seems clear that is what we are really talking about.

  2. That was my takeaway as well. It read like it was the womens' fault for being over-sensitive about randos on the Internet threaten and harass her for the audacious crime of challenging orthodoxy.