Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The Ministeria Lexikorum

The Ministeria Lexikorum
A faction in Krevborna

The Ministeria Lexikorum is a monastic order of warrior-ascetics who believe that contemplation of the holy names of the angels is the true path to spiritual redemption. Each monk of the Ministeria Lexikorum inscribes their body with angelic seals; through meditation and extreme bodily exercise, they seek to transform divine power into miraculous physical action. Once their training is deemed complete by a rector of the Ministeria Lexikorum, the first task given to a monk of the order is to venture into the world to find an evil or accursed magical item that they will then take to the vaults below the Sanctum Lexikorum in the mountains south of Lamashtu.

The firstborn of the gods shall guide us.

  • Angels are exemplars to be emulated.
  • We must let the divine flow through our bodies and souls.
  • The gods reverenced by the Church were but imperfect mortals; they should not be accorded the status of celestial perfection.

  • Honor the angels by removing evil and accursed artifacts from the reach of those who would use them for ill.
  • Gather forgotten lore regarding angels.

  • Break a cursed objects hold over its bearer.
  • Retrieve a malign artifact from a warlock’s clutches.
  • Summon an angel to protect a cache of unhallowed remains.

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Director's Commentary
Admittedly, monks (in the D&D sense) are a little tough to fit into a setting inspired by the Gothic. The Ministeria is my attempt to find a place for them in my campaign; I'm honestly pretty happy with how they work and what they add. The inspirations behind them are many. There's a bit of Ravenloft's Order of the Guardians in the way they wander the world looking for cursed and evil artifacts (and maybe a little Friday the 13th: The Series as well), there's some of Castlevania's Order of Eccelsia, and the angelic elements came from Caitlin R. Kiernan's Alabaster short stories and comics.