Monday, September 25, 2017

Under the Poppy

Although perhaps best known to BBfBP listeners as an author who helped redefine the horror genre in the early 1990s, Kathe Koja has written novels that span numerous genres. Her 2011 novel Under the Poppy is a romance set against the backdrop of the Franco-Prussian War, featuring a band of demimonde survivors whose activities and intrigues influence goings-on at the highest levels of society.
When is a hooker with a heart of gold character more than just a hooker with a heart of gold? What are some of the interesting things contemporary writers can do with a historical setting? Does this book contain the secret XXX origin story for Bojack Horseman? Find out in this month's episode of Bad Books for Bad People.
Intro: "I'm a Marionette" by ABBA / Outro: "I'm a Marionette" by Ghost
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