Monday, October 29, 2018

Bloody Tears

The second season of Netflix's Castlevania cartoon is out, just in time for Halloween. Even though the second season is longer than the first season's truncated run-time, its eight episodes are a quick watch. I tried to pace myself, but watched in all within a twenty-four hour span. 

Feels good, man. 

Here's the trailer, if you haven't seen it. 

Anyway, also worth checking out is this rendition of "Bloody Tears":


  1. Saw this in the NYTimes book section and thought of you:

    They're doing quite a bit of horror reviewing at the moment, presumably because of Halloween.

    1. Thanks for passing that along; I might be able to use that in my class next semester.

  2. Ellis is super excited, we need to binge it soon. Haven't even gotten to this yet That band is super adorable, they remind me of golden age Clockwork Dolls.

  3. Replies
    1. It's got all the stuff I want in "Bloody Tears"

    2. This Mariachi version has been my favorite for the last few years.