Monday, February 11, 2019

The Circle

A faction in Umberwell:

The members of the Circle are ascetics who eschew worldly possessions. Adherents of the Circle’s ideology choose to live in poverty, and the nature of their beliefs means that they are often shabbily dressed and filthy from living rough on the streets. Since members of the Circle tend to live as squatters in abandoned buildings that shelter other members of the underclass, they are privy to secrets, street gossip, and idle talk. The Circle has a vast network for relaying information, and they trade knowledge for the coin they use to feed and clothe the city’s impoverished.

They who have nothing possess everything.

  • Wealth is a shackle that keeps the soul bound and unable to achieve peace after death.
  • Material goods should be given away freely to those who have less.
  • Information is more valuable than gold.
  • Gain wisdom through humility, privation, and suffering.
  • Operate soup kitchens and missions to ensure that no one in Umberwell goes hungry.
  • Convey sensitive information into the right hands.
  • Aid an orphanage besieged by a cruel landlord.
  • Rescue a captured Circle member from interrogators before they manage to extract an important secret.

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  1. The Circle's current nemesis is Bête Noire, also called The Beast Black, a cruel vigilante who steals secrets, protects gold, and ruthlessly beats the poor for their supposed crimes. He kidnaps boys from orphanages and trains them to be child soldiers, sacrificing their lives one after the other to protect his own.

    No one knows who this Beast man is, but certainly he must be wealthy. He throws around a lot of expensive weaponry, and his bespoke costumes are always immaculately clean and impeccably tailored. And his vigil protects only the banks and mansions of Umberwell's elites, never the poor, no matter what crimes befall them.

    1. This is the good shit! I'm using that in a game for sure.

    2. Thanks! Something about the combination of donating wealth and funding orphanages made me think of the Circle as some kind of anti-Batman. And who is the perfect enemy for anti-Batman?

    3. Certainly a better idea than The Batman Who Laughs