Monday, March 30, 2020


Art by Maik Beiersdorf
A location in Krevborna.

Piskaro is a city built atop canals at the mouth of the River Krev, a center of thriving maritime trade, and a haven for pirates. Although it is governed by the pious Reverend Solanka, grave heresies have taken root in Piskaro. A series of brutal murders have troubled the city in recent years; it is believed that these murders have occult significance.

  • A city that sprawls across canals via stone bridges densely packed with teetering buildings crowded together like crooked teeth.
  • Bustling wharves alive with the lading and unloading of full-rigged ships.
  • Candle-strewn shrines devoted to those lost at sea.
  • Dangerous quayside taverns frequented by pirates, cutthroats, and sailors who call exotic ports home.
  • Occult markings made with chalk on the sides of buildings to ward off the violence of crime and murder.
  • The ever-present smell of the briny deep and all its unfathomable secrets.

  • The connection between commerce and crime.
  • The primordial sea is the keeper of secrets.
  • Sacrifice and the burden it brings.

Adventure Hooks
  • Break the powerful grip on the criminal underworld currently enjoyed by a pirate captain.
  • Uncover a grave apostasy eating a local church from within.
  • Sail to an isolated isle to find a hidden weapon that even the vilest evil must fear.
  • Steal a priceless map from a crime syndicate connected to a secretive cult.
  • Investigate a series of killings that have left unusually mutilated corpses in their wake.

Notable Residents
  • Reverend Solanka governs Piskaro on behalf of the Church of Saintly Blood. 
  • Captain Vanessa Redmayne, a pirate captain whose face and body are crisscrossed with livid scars, is ruthless in her pursuit of power over the various criminal enterprises in Piskaro.
  • Brooding twin sisters of pale aspect, Pandora and Morrigan Rue dress in the manner of Lamashtuan noblewomen. They own identical clock towers in Chancel and Piskaro, and often hire adventurers for inscrutable ends. 
  • Mad Barnabas is a ferocious assassin sent by the Choristers to deal with heretics who prove adept at evading or defeating the Church’s more conventional forces. Clothed in stinking furs and rags, the single-minded Barnabas unerringly tracks his prey. 
  • Swithun Vanderhaus is a defrocked priest who served the Church by infiltrating the criminal underground to gather information. The truths he uncovered soured him to the Church’s purpose, and he seeks further knowledge hidden by the Church that he believes is inherently dangerous and must be destroyed before it can pose a menace to mankind. 
* * *

Director's Commentary
Piskaro combines a lot of stuff I love: canals! pirates! nautical hauntings! Innsmouth-style shenanigans! Occult murder!


  1. I had been thinking of Piskaro as Krevborna's Venice, but this time reading it, I feel a much stronger New England vibe.

    1. I think there's a bit of both. I do love a canal.