Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Friends or Foes

Friends? Foes? All to be determined.

Emaline Stark, a cavalier employed by the noble House of Cruzot. She is rumored to know exotic sword techniques that she learned somewhere in the mysterious East. She often chooses to fight with a wooden sword against foes she considers unworthy of her ancestral blade. (She considers most foes to be utterly unworthy.) 

Black Mullen, an assassin for hire. Few pistol-duelists have as many notches upon his belt as he does. In fact, he makes a habit of sending so many souls to an early grave that he keeps a florist that specializes in bereavement arrangements on retainer.

Gildebrande, a bawd and procurer. It is believed that he is involved with a ring of slavers who capture young men and women to sell abroad in foreign lands. He is often incarcerated, but never held for long.

Hollis Mulvaney, a former student of Creedhall University. She crafts her own alchemical poisons of terrifying purpose. (Hence the long leather gloves.) She has never interred a foe alive, but she would dearly like to.