Monday, May 30, 2016

Ambrose Lynch, a Gunslinger

Let me tell you about my character...

Physical description: Thin and wiry
; his hair and beard are brown, shot through with gray, and have been left to run wild. Clothes were once nice have been allowed to become shabby and unkempt. Favors a long black armored coat and a wide-brimmed hat. His hand has the habit of straying to his holstered pistol at the first sign of trouble.

Back-story: Although he affects the life of a down-and-out ruffian, on his native plane Ambrose Lynch is the educated scion of a wealthy, land-owning rancher. Out of sheer perverseness he left his family (and the family fortune) to immerse himself in the seedy criminal underworld.

Lynch's steady aim and moral flexibility earned him a place as an enforcer and bodyguard for Roderick Hill, a merchant who presided over an empire of stolen goods and protection rackets. While in Hill's employ, Ambrose struck up an unlikely friendship with Severina Winthrope, a witch who provided the superstitious Hill with occult expertise and daily tarot card readings. Severina took Ambrose under her wing and taught him the rudiments of witchery--a power that Ambrose uses to bolster his deadliness and to manifest the primal unrest that lurks within his tempestuous breast.

Ambrose would still be working as Hill's red right hand, but again the imp of the perverse struck, causing Lynch to perpetrate some unspeakable crime against the crooked merchant. He fled to Scarabae to escape the wrath of Hill's vengeful family, but it's only a matter of time before they catch up with him. 

Personality - He revels in moments of violence and chaos; he values his freedom more than anything else; he is guilty of a terrible crime and desires redemption; if there's a plan, he'll forget it--it will all end in bullets and bloodshed anyway.

(Ambrose Lynch, 3rd level human ranger)