Thursday, May 4, 2017

Beliefs of the Church of Saintly Blood

The Church of Saintly Blood is not a monolithic faith in Krevborna. Rather, the Church is comprised of various sects and competing spiritual ideologies that often disagree about the "eternal truths" of the faith. Below are a sampling of beliefs associated with the Church of Saintly Blood that cannot all be true:

  • The Gods have turned their backs on humanity due to mankind's unrepentant embrasure of sin. Only the intercession of the saints and atonement will bring us back into a state of grace.
  • The Gods have been consumed by fell beings from beyond the abyss of the night sky. Only the saints remain to protect us from evil.
  • When the righteous slip from this mortal coil they climb the Holy Mountain to find their heavenly home in the afterlife. The souls of sinners descend into the depths of the torturous underworld.
  • The gates that lead to the Holy Mountain are closed. The souls of virtuous warriors gather upon the fields of Isgard to wage a final apocalyptic battle against the darkness. Other souls are doomed to wander the earth without aim.
  • Divine magic is a gift from the Gods, given freely to man so that the spiritually elect may shepherd and tend to the faithful flock.
  • Divine power in mortals is an accident of birth, passed down by chance through bloodlines once connected to the sacred founders of the Church.
  • The angels created by the Gods remain upright bastions of spiritual truth; they are exemplars of conduct and resolve.
  • The angels were all driven half-mad by the disappearance of Gods; they remain faithful, but their faith is now a cracked mirror of their original purpose.
  • Good works, meek conduct, and the denial of baser desires are the road to salvation. The protection of innocence and purity opens the gate to our heavenly reward.
  • Salvation is expurgation, and only the spiritually clean will be saved from damnation. Pain--whether found in the torture of heretics or self-flagellation--frees the body and soul of sin.
  • Arcane magic is simply the lost science of the Gods. It bears no inherent taint of evil; rather, it is the underlying linguistic code that brought light into the world.
  • Arcane magic is a sinful perversion of the Gods' logos. It is power that stems from the nature of sin, inextricably woven with strands of suffering.