Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Total Skull - September, 2016

Things that brought me delight in September, 2016.


Richard Littler, Discovering Scarfolk
(You know about Scarfolk, right? If not, why are you reading this blog? Why are you reading any gaming blog? Go here instead.)


Gehenna, First Spell
(Gehenna's First Spell is absolutely essential if you are a fan of symphonic black metal. They might not have invented the genre, but this record definitely shaped how it would develop.)

Imperium Dekadenz, Dis Manibvs
(The Scandinavian influence in black metal is pervasive and undeniable, so it's great to hear a black metal band create an explicitly Teutonic version of the genre.)

Carach Angren, Where the Corpses Sink Forever
(The Dutch Cradle of Filth?)

Opeth, Ghost Reveries
(My exploration of Opeth's back catalog continues.)

Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats, The Night Creeper
(I've owned this for a while but for some reason it's gone back into heavy rotation. If you like 70s style hard rock done with slightly-doomy uncanniness, you need to loon into Uncle Acid.)