Thursday, October 4, 2018

The La Scarla Family

The La Scarla Family
A faction in Krevborna

The La Scarla family have holy blood within their veins; the angelic guides that visit members of the family in their dreams demand that they take up arms against the forces of supernatural evil. The La Scarla possess secret techniques for combating monsters that have been passed down their family line.

We are the light, we are the scourge of darkness.

    • The common people must be protected from the monsters that plague Krevborna.
    • Our family has been chosen for a higher purpose.
    • To die in battle against monsters of darkness is to die with honor.

    • Purge Krevborna of supernatural evil.
    • Seek knowledge of the absent gods.

* * *

The La Scarla Family is a faction created by one of the players in my Krevborna campaign that their character belongs to. Here's a bit about their character:

Nicolette La Scarla, aasimar monster slayer ranger, folk hero background
Nicolette is a reluctant monster hunter goaded on by an imperious avenging angel named Zarethel.