Friday, July 19, 2019

Christmas in July Sale

All of the pdfs published by Dolorous Exhumation Press are currently on sale as part of DriveThruRPG's Christmas in July Sale!

The Liberation of Wormwood is on sale for $4.49. The Liberation of Wormwood is a kit for creating a campaign in which the characters attempt to overthrow a usurper who has taken control of their hometown.

Umberwell: Blackened Be Thy Name is on sale for $7.49. Umberwell is a weird fantasy city setting inspired by the works of China Mieville and Dishonored.

Krevborna: A Gothic Blood Opera is on sale for $7.49. Krevborna is a Gothic setting inspired by Bloodbourne and Eastern European folklore.

Cinderheim: The Land Under the Demon Sun is on sale for $4.49. Cinderheim is an apocalyptic setting inspired by sword & sorcery and Weird West fiction.

Hexmoon Sabbath: A Folk Horror Doom is on sale for $1.49. Hexmoon Sabbath presents three witches ready to invade the setting of your choice.

There's never been a better time to complete your collection of Dolorous Exhumation Press's offerings!


  1. I picked up "Hexmoon Sabbath" a while back and only recently dug into it. Really want to base another Krevborna campaign on it soon. Is "The Liberation of Wormwood" similarly easy to port between settings?

    1. It's probably a little more flavored for a particular kind of setting, but I don't think it would take that much tweaking to make it portable. As long as a setting has room for a village that has been usurped by a warband, it should work.