Monday, December 12, 2016

Monstrous Vermin, Intoxicant Trade, Lexicos Spire


There is good money to be had for adventurers willing to clear out nests of blood-seeking stirges or infestations of giant rats. Wolfcove & Sons is a trusted name in the vermin removal business. The exterminators employed by Wolfcove & Sons are recognizable by their covered wagons which display the image of a roach being crushed by a warhammer on their canvas sides.


The illicit manufacture and distribution of intoxicants is a booming business in Umberwell. Black lotus powder, opiate tentacles, dream-milk, hallucinogenic runes, and snowleaf are peddled by alchemical drug cartels run by Matan the Black and the fractious sibling warlocks Liutang and Shijin Chung, as well as by independent dealers such as Quivering Nym.

The Lexicos Spire, a tower in Shrewsbury erected by the magical rites of the Lost Matriarchs, is an enchanted edifice that transmits knowledge of the Common tongue to all within Umberwell so that the citizenry might communicate easily. Gyragrol, an ancient dragon, has designs on destroying the Lexicos Spire to break the fellowship of Umberwell's citizens.