Thursday, December 29, 2016

Blood-Fueled Industry, Slumgullian Warrens, Codices Malefica, Automatons


The magic-imbued blood extracted from the great krakens of the sea enables Umberwell’s magitek industry. The lamps which light the city's streets are fueled by galvanically rich kraken blood, many factories are powered by the fuel, and the hunting and processing of krakens on the high seas is itself a venture of massive economic importance. The Corinthia Trading Company is chief among Umberwell's blood-hunting fleets.


Some speak of the Slumgullian Warrens as a sovereign nation within Umberwell—the “city below the city’s streets.” Residents of the subterranean depths—such as kobolds, dark elves, gnomes, and goblins—find curious ways to adapt their environment despite the hardscrabble existence of each island’s portion of the under-city. Luminescent foolfire fungi is cultivated in the Slumgullian Warrens for the benefit of those races not blessed with darkvision.


The six known copies of the Codex Malefica are sentient grimoires possessing unfathomable aims and goals. The books sometimes hire picaros to further their own inscrutable agendas; they pay for any services rendered with desirable secrets or particular lore about the Abyss and its demonic masters. The six Codices sometimes work at cross purposes; although the books were penned by the same hand, each has its own desires and schemes.