Friday, December 9, 2016

Pickers, Liftmen, Jobs for Picaros

A Faction in Scarabae - The Pickers 
There are those in Scarabae who believe that the future lies in reclaiming the things of the past; they call themselves "pickers," and they can be found scrounging through scrapheaps, old barns, and warehouses looking for “rusty gold” to salvage. These scavengers are always on the look-out for “tonnage” of “farm fresh” junk. They’re always willing to “break the ice” and “pull the trigger” on any “honey hole” or “mega pick” they encounter as they cross the blighter urban cityscape.

Want to play a Picker in Scarabae? The Scavenger background in Kobold Press's Unlikely Heroes is a perfect fit.

* * *

Also, while we're at it, check out these two Scarabae-ready creations from Brian Mathers's blog:

The Liftmen
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