Monday, December 2, 2019

Satanic Temple, Witch Board Museum, Count Orlok, Lighthouse, Parasite

Things that brought me delight in November, 2019:

Satanic Temple
Is it weird that the works hanging in the art collection and books in the library of the Satanic Temple reminded me so much of the collections of any number of my friends? Admittedly, none of them have a giant Baphomet statue. At least not yet.

Salem Witch Board Museum
It was actually thrilling to see that many different mystifying oracles all in one place.

Count Orlok's Nightmare Gallery
I may have gotten a little too excited by the inclusion of Barbara Steele from Black Sunday.

The Lighthouse
The Lighthouse is a very different movie from The Witch; feels more like a David Lynch film, or a very black comedy, in places.

I went into this one knowing absolutely nothing about it; the tonal shift is devastating and worth going in blind for.

November's Doom, Nephilim Grove
November's Doom has a long legacy yet to be fully recognized. Nephilim Grove's death-doom mixes anger with sorrow and adds slight progressive touches to round out the sound.

Malifaux 3e: Bayou, Outcasts, Resurrectionists, Ten Thunders
I got the rest of the faction books. Now, if only I could get my hands on a print copy of the core book.

Volur, Breaker of Rings/Amber Asylum, Blood Witch
I'm not usually a fan of split albums; I often feel like I got suckered into them because I like one band's output and the other ends up getting skipped. Not so with this album; Volur's abbreviated doom saga works well with Amber Asylum's folksy neoclassical chamber music.

Boris and Sunn O))), Altar
Gloomy experimental doom.

Celine Loup, The Man Who Came Down the Attic Stairs
Past-partum depression, an eerie house, a child that won't stop screaming, and a husband who seems to be a different man after an ill-fated trip to the attic. It's a bit "Yellow Wallpaper" and a bit Shirley Jackson.

I recently bought a bunch of Spelljammer print on demand stuff from DriveThru. I didn't get into the setting when it was coming out, but it's definitely holding my interest. Like anything else, I probably wouldn't use it as published, but there's a lot of weird stuff worth transforming for my own purposes in this line.

Into the Badlands, Season 3
Into the Badlands was a better show than it really had any right to be. Although it sometimes suffered from clunky dialog, iffy acting, the need to push sudden plot developments, the worldbuilding was really interesting, the fights scenes were well choreographed, and the cinematography was often surprisingly lush. Glad to see that it came to a satisfying conclusion. (Although, that coda!!!)

Misty: Moonchild & The Four Faces of Eve
I was unfamiliar with this Gothic comic "for girls" that ran in the late 70s, but thankfully there are a few collections out now that reprint some of its stories. "Moonchild" is a pretty straight Carrie rip, though "The Four Faces of Eve" goes much farther out on a limb. The line art enthralls me; all the pathos captured in those facial expressions!

Eberron: Rising from the Last War
I've already gotten a tremendous amount of use out of this book.