Friday, February 6, 2015

Magic Summary for Beyond the Wall

I found myself wishing there was a summary of all the cantrips, spells, and 1st level rituals in Beyond the Wall (with governing attributes for cantrips and rituals, no less), so I made one for myself. Maybe this will be helpful to you too.



  • Beast Ken – speak with animals (Wis)
  • Blessing – gives a bonus to rolls for a specific task (Wis)
  • Conjure Sound – create illusory sounds (Int)
  • Druid's Touch – make plants grow (Wis)
  • Hexing – gives a penalty to rolls for a specific task (Wis)
  • Glamour Weaving – create silent images (Int)
  • Mage Light – create light (Int)
  • Second Sight – see spirits and command them if you know their true name (Int)


  • Abjuration – banish a spirit
  • Banish Undead – make undead creatures flee
  • Bar the Way – magically lock a door or gate
  • Blight of Loneliness – victim fails all Charisma checks
  • Brave the Flames – gain immunity to fire
  • Burning Hands – flames leap from your hands
  • Call the Swarm – summon a swarm of small animals
  • Commanding Word – force the victim to obey an order
  • Clear Eyes – you can see through all illusions
  • Conjure Darkness – creates impenetrable darkness
  • Entanglement – the victim is held fast
  • Evade the Dead – you are invisible to the undead
  • False Friend – bend the victim to your will
  • Feather Fall – save the recipient from a dangerous fall
  • Flame Charm – control fire
  • Flash of Brilliance – blind everyone nearby
  • Forgetful Mind – cause the victim to forget almost everything of importance
  • Friend's Call – alert your allies to your location
  • From the Brink – stabilizes a dying creature
  • Great Endurance – fill your companions with vigor; ignore fatigue and poison
  • Greater Illusion – create audio and visual illusions
  • Healing Touch – heal wounds
  • The Howling – create a deafening cacophony
  • Inspiration – give allies a bonus to attacks and saving throws
  • Magic Missile – cause damage at a distance
  • Masked Image – appear as someone else, but not a specific individual
  • Mystical Shield – gain a bonus to your armor class
  • Obscurement – become hazy and difficult to see
  • Opening Touch – open an ordinary door or lock
  • Pass Without Trace – leave no tracks that can be followed
  • Petrifying Gaze – freeze the target in place
  • Phantom Skill – grant the recipient a skill for a limited time
  • Reanimation – create skeletons and zombies from corpses
  • Sanctuary of Peace – make it difficult for others to attack
  • Sense Nature – sense supernatural influence and general disposition
  • Silence – create an area of utter silence
  • Smuggler's Luck – one item in your possession becomes undetectable
  • Spider Climb – the target can scale surfaces
  • Swift Step – gain unnatural speed and grace
  • Terrifying Presence – cause fear in your enemies
  • Tinker's Gift – mend a broken object
  • True Strike – gain a bonus on your next attack roll
  • Veil of Sleep – put the target to sleep
  • Web – fill an area with sticky webbing
  • Whispering Wind – send a message to another person
  • Wild Call – summon animals
  • Wind Ward – make an area immune to missile attacks and flying creatures
  • Witch Laugh – cause the target to be distracted and incapacitated by laughter
  • Word of Courage – you and your allies immune to fear


  • Arcane Experiment – determine the properties of a magical item (Int)
  • Bind Familiar – summon a familiar spirit (Int)
  • Circle of Protection – create a barrier against supernatural creatures (Int)
  • Gather Mists – fill an area with blinding mist (Int)
  • Goodberry – create berries that heal when eaten (Wis)
  • Mage Armor – grant yourself magical protection from damage (Int)
  • Staff of Might – enchant a weapon (Wis)
  • Steed of the Sorcerer – summon a ghostly steed (Int)
  • Unseen Servant – summon an invisible spirit to perform tasks (Int)
  • Witch's Watchman – create a warding alarm against ambush (Int)
  • Wizard's Mark – inscribe a permanent rune on a surface (Int)

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