Monday, November 23, 2015

Our Universal System Can Do All the Genres, Look!

THESIS: An "Our Universal System Can Do All the Genres, Look!" cover is invariably lame.


Let's illustrate that our game can handle ANYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE by showing the most generic tropes floating around in space in...bubbles.

Or maybe quadrants? 

Hey that genres-in-quadrants thing that GURPS did above seems like a good idea! Right? Right?

Okay, what if we scrap the quadrants and just mash it all together? Oh, no, that's just a god-damn mess:

Okay, okay, let's simplify then. Less is more, right? Right?

Maybe simple will look better if we do a color gradient? Maybe?

Okay, that didn't work. Maybe if we make the cover look like the label of a body-building supplement?

Hmm, da Vinci is cool, right? Gamers love da Vinci!

This is what is looks like when you lose all hope: