Friday, February 10, 2017

Midgard Campaign Setting: Dark Roads & Deep Magic

"Midgard Campaign Setting for 5th Edition and Pathfinder RPG: A 300+ page volume describing the Midgard regions, from the Northlands to the Western Wastes, and from the Southlands to the Crossroads. With detailed locations, cities, rulers, heraldry, plots, and adventure hooks galore, plus full details of the various pantheons, masked gods, and dark gods, there’s enough here to fuel years of adventuring! In this updated edition, you’ll get the expanded Blood Kingdom of Morgau and updates to Zobeck, the Cantons, the Western Wastes, and other regions. If we meet our goals, we'll also add the Shadow Realm and Blood Kingdom as standalone chapters, and may even open the golden gates of Khandiria... It's a rich and standalone edition of the setting."

I don't back many Kickstarters these days, but I backed this one because:
  • The premise of this setting sounds a lot like my own Krevborna (Eastern European folklore with extra vampire princes, ghoul empires, scheming fey, and sanity-blasting elder gods) but it definitely goes somewhere different with those influences. If nothing else, I suspect that this will be one of the few game products that at least feels compatible with my homebrew vision.
  • I've already gotten good use out of the Kobold Press stuff I already have, such as Tome of Beasts, Book of Lairs, and their new races for 5e. Their stuff has made my games better.
  • Their customer service is A+ and they seem to deliver on their Kickstarters.

So, if you're interested in backing something, you could do much worse than checking out Midgard--now available in 5e and Pathfinder flavors.