Thursday, April 20, 2017

Bewildering Attitudes I Have Encountered in the Wild (part 3 of y'all be cray)

  • There is no gate-keeping in the hobby. Here is my list of people you shouldn't listen to or talk to.
  • We must decry the lack of imagination in this company's products! But we should discourage critical reviews of products coming from our camp, I mean, it's not like reviews matter anyway.
  • Characters should only ever be generated by random rolls. Here's my house rules for swapping stats around to get the character you want.
  • Games with disjointed mechanics are more streamlined than games with unified mechanics because you only have to remember ten ways of doing things instead of one.
  • Gamers are more well-read than other people. I have only read books listed in Appendix N of the first-edition Dungeon Master's Guide.