Saturday, July 1, 2017

Bewildering Attitudes I Have Encountered in the Wild (part 6 of SWEEP THE LEG!)

  • D&D should only ever be about medieval European settings. Any other influences are ruining the hobby. (Especially anime!)
  • The things I like just happen to coincide with how the game is meant to be played; any other way of playing the game is wrong because, um, err, aesthetics.
  • D&D settings should be weird! And by weird I mean they should fit within this narrow confine of things that many people are already doing that I am choosing to call "weird."
  • This game should be stripped of the following... (But those are the things you enjoyed when you played that game?) Yeah, but they should be taken out because the important thing here is realism and purity, not fun.
  • Games should be purposefully designed to provide a specific gaming experience, even though I've never run a game without hacking it extensively to do something it was never intended for, like, say, Twitch streaming.
  • Railroading is the worst DMing excess. (minutes pass) The Great Pendragon Campaign is the best campaign ever written.