Wednesday, August 2, 2017

With the Power of Conviction, There is No Sacrifice

A continuation of the GRIDSHOCK playtest recorded here.

I have SlimJim in leglock; is probably bad idea because he is so strong. Tactical error is fixed by help of new comrades. Zdravstvuyte! Is black knight who wrap SlimJim with chain. New comrade is like rainbow in the dark. SlimJim's muscles get deflate, now I am stronger so I crush him! New comrade knock him out while I crush. 

Girl and cactus get zapped by cobalt power; they disappear. Will miss them. Dos vedanya, comrades.

Now is time to shoot exhumans from observation deck. I shoot like Lyudmila Pavlichenko by using psychic adrenalizer. Riot break out, now people of Yankee Lake get taste of freedom! Comrade Deadman move exhumans with mind! Comrade barbarian put psychic axe into Alpha Dog's head!

We subdue remaining Youngman Mutts. I carry barbarian ghost man down stairs before psychic strength deplete. Alpha Dog threaten, but what can decadent tyrant do, da? Tables have turned on his regime, is victory for liberty. More gang arrives; we negotiate. People of Yankee Lake are very disappointment; they want ruler, even Supremacy, instead of self-determination! American spirit very weak here.

Deal is struck. We will go to Prism with SlimJim and Youngman Mutts to find special thing. In return, power structure in Yankee Lake is restructured. Is mess, but we sort that out later. At Prism, which is mirrored structure with no door, we make bagman open cylinder key. It contain...hand and head of GI Joe man named Skyline. Honestly, is bad start. Where the vodka?