Monday, September 24, 2018

September's Horror - Week Three

In the run-up to October I'm trying to watch a horror movie every day. Here's what I've managed to watch in week three:

Sept. 16 - Tucker & Dale vs. Evil
Horror-comedy is incredibly difficult to pull off. While this ended up being lighter fare, I have to give it credit for having a pretty original premise.

Sept. 17 - Hush
You ever notice that in movies where a killer is terrorizing a deaf, blind, or mute person...that person is usually a woman? It kinda feels like these movies are fantasies about "helpless" women more than anything else, but at least this wasn't a terrible example of the genre.

Sept. 18 - The Girl With All the Gifts
Very Average. A good horror movie to show a brave child, perhaps.

Sept. 19 - Tusk
Why did I bother? Any potential here is poisoned by Kevin Smith's relentless wandering into lame indie comedy territory.

Sept. 20 - Mandy
The most "extreme metal" movie I have seen in a long time. Did not disappoint.

Sept. 21 - You're Next
Don't spring your home invasion murder scheme when there is an Australian girl who might get caught up in the madness--she will fuck you up, she is from Australia and she is used to everything trying to kill her.

Sept. 22 - Black Sunday
Unimpeachable, a forever favorite.

Sept. 23 - Child's Play
In retrospect, Child's Play is pretty clunky, but it's charming in the way that only clunky horror movies can be charming.