Monday, September 9, 2019

Comic Books for Video Gamers

Into video games? Want to get into comics? I've got some suggestions for things you might like:

If you like Dark Souls, you should try Berserk.

If you like Persona, you should try Shutter. (Frankly, everyone should try Shutter; it's the most criminally under-read comic I can think of.)

If you like Castlevania, you should try Baltimore.

If you like The Order: 1886, you should try The New Deadwardians. (Admittedly, no one likes The Order all that much.)

If you like Control, you should try Injection.

If you like Dishonored, you should try Lady Mechanika.

If you like Alice, you should try Pandora Hearts.

If you like BioShock, you should try Monstress.

If you like Metal Gear Solid, you should try Doom Patrol.