Wednesday, October 2, 2019

3 From Hell, Clever, AD&D Trading Cards, Trolsk Sortmetall, Carnival Row

Things that brought me delight in September, 2019:

3 From Hell
Although it's probably not destined to become anyone's favorite Rob Zombie film, I'm glad that I got to see the conclusion of the "Firefly trilogy" in the theater in its limited run.

This cleaver right here
The generosity of Tenebrous Kate allowed me to purchase this item, which I am affectionately referring to as "future Exhibit A."

1991 AD&D Trading Cards
Speaking of generosity, Carisa of Goblinfruit Studio sent me this box of AD&D trading cards that inspired an insane trip down memory lane.

Ulver, Trolsk Sortmetall 1993-1997
I know we're supposed to appreciate all the weird, diverse places that Ulver has gone musically over the years, but if I'm honest, the records I really like from them are the early, raw ones.

Carnival Row
Not a perfect show by any means (my god, those flying sex scenes), but the overall aesthetics were right up my fog-choked Victorian alley, I loved the world-building, and the plot points snatched from the Jack the Ripper killings and Frankenstein pulled me in. Did you know there is a free rpg supplement about it?

Delectus Books catalogs
Bad Books for Bad People doesn't get a ton of fanmail, but when we do it's high quality smut like this. Thanks, Scott and Ridgely!

Chelsea Wolfe, Birth of Violence
Birth of Violence is the album I've been most eager for, and it did not disappoint in the slightest. Chelsea Wolfe's more acoustic sound is the autumnal mood. (Bankcamp link.)

Marcel Allain and Pierre Souvestre, Fantomas

If you liked the Kingdom series, you will either like this or have a sharp sense of deja vu: in medieval Korea, an outbreak of zombie plague threatens the nation's political stability.

Imperium Dekadenz, When We Are Forgotten
Monumental atmospheric black metal. If you want a recommended track to start with, try "Owl of the Black Forest." (Bandcamp link.)

Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus
The good news: this is a cool campaign with fun rules for diabolic, Mad Max-esque vehicles. The bad news: Jandar Sunstar is back.

 Electric Wizard, We Live
I avoided We Live for a long time because I stupidly assumed it was a live album. But, no, this is a quality slab of Electric Wizard-style doom metal.

Through the Breach: Above the Law
This is the Guild (basically, cops employed by capitalist interests) sourcebook for the Malifaux rpg Through the Breach. Good mix of character options, world-building, and bestiary.

White Ward, Love Exchange Failure
Previously known as "the black metal band with a saxophone," White Ward are back, delving even further into the black metal-meets-noir vortex they alone seem to have access to. Love Exchange Failure sounds like nothing else I've heard, but after repeated listening it still sounds like a mystery to be unveiled. (Bandcamp link.)

Rammstein, self-titled
Rammstein, as solid and dependable as ever. "Zeig dich" is godlike. And if you haven't been watching the videos that accompany this album, what are you even doing with your spare time? Check out the videos for "Deutschland" and "Radio."

Hideyuki Kikuchi and Yoshitaka Amano,
Vampire Hunter D: Mysterious Journey to the North Sea Part Two
Not the strongest Vampire Hunter D novel by any stretch, but at least it doesn't skimp on the weirdness: no less than nine villains are after D, Left Hand drinks a golden shower like it's an energy drink, and there is a love affair worthy of being scored by Soft Cell's "Tainted Love."

Julia Gfrorer, Vision vol. 2
"A Victorian spinster escapes the demands of her invalid sister-in-law through a sexual relationship with a haunted mirror. In this issue, Eleanor and Robert discuss Cora’s putative insomnia, the mirror ghost makes a gruesome complaint, and Eleanor has eye surgery." (Etsy link.)

Malifaux 3e: Neverborn and Arcanists Factions Books
The new Malifaux books have proven pretty hard to come by (tragic shipping set-backs or botched edition launch, you be the judge!), which is a shame because these two books make the game's newest version look really promising! The cruft has been stripped back, the rules are more straightforward, and the great lore and art remain. Hopefully in the coming months these things will be easier to get a hold of.

Slipknot, We Are Not Your Kind
It's a Slipknot album; you already know whether you want to hear it or not.