Monday, January 6, 2020

Surprisingly Good Things on Twitter

Some excellent rpg Twitter threads that are absolutely worth your time:

Math is scary, and often we stick to what we know because its easy, but the best games examine the mechanical choices they make, so I'm gonna demistify some shit about 2d6 math.

Alternate Title: PbtA designers, please stop using +/- x modifiers in your games.
- @ammourazz

* * *

Some mid-morning spice: You CAN create a satisfying layout for your game using Google Docs.

- @DeePennyway

* * *

Hello, beautiful creative people. Have you considered making a zine? Like a physical, printed zine on actual paper?

Great. You should definitely do that. And once you do, you should maybe sell it on Itch, if that's a place where you sell stuff. Here's how.

- @infinitemao

* * *

OK so this is a thread containing productivity tips I have learned from making ttrpgs, though probably they are applicable to other creative arts as well. It will end up being fairly long.

- @chthonstone

* * *

A Thread

So you want to make cool RPG Zines and have just discovered you can use paintings and illustrations under creative commons CC/public domain PD license. This are some advices around this kinda tricky thing. Here we go.
- @guilhermedenovo

* * *

I've been writing and publishing RPGs for a few years now. I can't say I am successful but I have a couple of tips.
- @lostpaolo

* * *

Okay, I have an hour to kill: Retweet, then reply here to the original tweet, and I'll invent a D&D class for you.
- @scumbelievable