Friday, May 1, 2020

Dead Until Dark

Bad Books for Bad People, Episode 43:
Dead Until Dark
Charlaine Harris begins her blockbuster Southern Vampire Mysteries series with Dead Until Dark, a psychic girl meets undead boy romance set against the backdrop of serial sex murders. Weird tonal shifts and wacky plot twists abound, but how will Jack and Kate fare in this urban crowd-pleasing fantasy climate?
Does everyone love Sookie because of her telepathy, or because of her spectacular rack? How does one dress when attending a vampire nightclub? How late is too late to drop a Funny Uncle into a story? Why is a certain kind of straight woman so obsessed with men's buns? All these questions and more will be explored in this episode of Bad Books for Bad People.
One thing you won't find out is how the book compares to HBO's True Blood TV series, because your hosts didn't bother to watch it in preparation for this episode (they're not sorry).
BBfBP theme song by True Creature 
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