Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Something is Not Right in the House of Mald (Part 2)


Photo by luobulinka
This is the second half of an actual play write up of a Necro-Cavaliers of the Astral Galaxy game. The first half of the write up is here. Also, did you know that you can get the game on my page here?

Back to the adventure: Anomi used her necromantic magic to make the ward sealing the door to the basement disengage. Down in the basement, she discovered an alien creature that matched the drawings she had discovered on Micah's dataslate; the creature was being kept in a cage with laser-bars and it had some sort of wound in its side. Attempts to communicate with the creature yielded nothing. Deputy Durango was sent upstairs to make some tea while Anomi pondered her next move.

Unfortunately, when he returned he was vaporized by a laser rifle blast from Sperlington Mald at the top of the stairs. Anomi was able to talk Sperlington down and get a better picture of what was going on at the homestead. Sperlington said that the alien creatures had abducted Micah and Joela, and that he had captured the one currently in the cage in hopes of trading it back to the aliens for the return of his family. However, when Anomi questioned Sperlington about what was in the barn, his eyes glazed over and blood began to trickle from his nose; something was not letting him remember what was in there. 

Sperlington also informed Anomi that a trap by the back entrance of the house had claimed the life of a traveling Bible salesman. Thinking fast, Anomi convinced Sperlington to take the corpse of the Bible salesman to Captain Varrigan and pin the death of Deputy Durango on him. Sperlington loaded the corpse into his hauler and set off for the constabulary office. This gave Anomi time to investigate the barn on her own. Inside, she discovered crates of large, flat stones that were inscribed with the same symbols depicted in the woodcuts she had found while researching the strange alien creatures Micah had been drawing. There was also a laser etching machine in the barn presumably used to mark the stones.

As the storm intensified, lightning struck a spot out in the fields near the Mald homestead, leaving behind a humanoid figure. Anomi recognized the figure as Joela Mald. Anomi rushed out into the field to retrieve her; the woman had been left behind on a stone embedded in the field with the same markings as the ones she had found in the barn. Anomi got Joela inside and into a bath and began to question her. Joela didn't remember her time as an abductee, but she was sure that the creature claiming to be Sperlington was not, in fact, her husband. She noted his changed behavior, particularly his reluctance to have his son treated for whatever blood condition was afflicting him. As Joela dressed, she asked Anomi for a laser pistol; a confrontation with the creature calling itself Sperlington Mald was inevitable. 

As indeed it was. Sperlington arrived back at the homestead with Captain Varrigan in tow. As they exited the hauler, both armed themselves with laser rifles. Anomi asked Joela to stay hidden, and to come out firing should it prove necessary, while she got herself into position for an ambush. As Captain Varrigan came through the door of the house, Anomi leapt out and slapped necromantic handcuffs on him--effectively taking him out of the fight. Lightning flashed again outside; Anomi could see that another of the alien creatures had appeared atop the summoning stone out in the field and was now making its way to the house. A firefight broke out within the house between Joela and Anomi on one side and Sperlington on the other as the alien strode into the melee. After taking quite a few blows from the alien, which absolutely ruined her couture, Anomi buried her sword into it with ballet-like precision and managed to blast it into oblivion. 

Anomi and Joela dragged the body out to the summoning stone. Another stroke of lightning fell and Micah was exchanged for the alien. Anomi called for further aid and the farmstead was soon crawling with galactic agents. As the pieces fell into place, it was revealed that the Mald family (as well as others on Ogra V, such as Varrigan) had long been in league with the aliens--who were pursuing ways of hybridizing themselves with humankind to facilitate a hidden invasion of the Empire. Micah's blood disorder was evidence of their most successful hydridization to date; he was the template for the coming invasion--an invasion that had been disrupted by the actions of the sly and stylish Anomalisa Monalisa of House Satomi.

Director's Commentary

I stole the outline of this scenario from the movie Devil's Gate. Crap movie, but made for a fun session.