Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Two Kinds of Game I Have Little Love For

This might be what the kids call a "hot take": there are simply too many small games out there with names like Tunnel Jerks or Tomb Losers or Die in a Damp Cave or just Mound that all essentially do the same thing. They all seem to be bought by the same people too. I find their existence and proliferation mystifying.

This might be an even hotter take: I think one of the biggest scourges in the indie rpg space are games that are actually more like graphic design projects than actual games. It often feels like all the effort went into the presentation and visual tomfoolery instead of the making the game feel complete or even fun. The folks behind that stuff seem like the kind of nebbishes who spend more time figuring out the perfect placement of the band patches on their "battle vests" than on actually listening to metal.