Bad Books for Bad People Podcast

Episode 75: Live Girls
Episode 73: The Best of 2023
Episode 72: Spawn
Episode 71: Vampira and Elvira
Episode 69: The Dead Run
Episode 67: The Open Curtain
Episode 66: Live and Let Die
Episode 65: The Raven's Table
Episode 64: American Gothic
Episode 62: Best of 2022
Episode 61: Three Act Tragedy
Episode 60: Ghost Story
Episode 59: Between Two Fires
Episode 58: The Wolfen
Episode 57: Flash for Freedom!
Valley of Plenty, Episode 6: Lady of the Lake
Episode 56: Manhunt
Episode 55: The Keep
Episode 54: On Stranger Tides
Valley of Plenty, Episode 6: The Tower of the Swallow
Episode 53: The India Fan
Valley of Plenty, Episode 5: Baptism of Fire
Episode 52: Best of 2021
Valley of Plenty, Episode 4: Time of Contempt
Episode 51: Requiem Infernal
Episode 47: The Lustful Turk
Episode 45: The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps
Valley of Plenty Episode 3: Land of Horny Magic
Episode 44: Powers of Darkness
Episode 43: Dead Until Dark
Valley of Plenty 2: The Bounds of Reason
Mini Episode 19: Lammas Night
Episode 42: Mephistophela
Valley of Plenty 1: A Grain of Truth
Episode 41: Blood of Elves
Episode 40: Blood Standard
Mini Episode 18: Best of the Rest of 2019
Episode 39: I Put a Spell on You
Episode 38: Raiders of Gor
Episode 37: Conjure Wife
Mini Episode 17: Vampire Hunter D
Episode 36: Fantomas
Episode 35: Coldheart Canyon
Episode 34: Best of 2019 (So Far)
Episode 33: Childgrave
Episode 32: The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty
Episode 31: The Crowfield Curse and The Crowfield Demon
Mini Episode 16: The Humans
Episode 30: The Worm Ouroboros
Episode 29: Black Helicopters
Mini Episode 15: Best of 2018
Episode 28: A Swell-Looking Babe
Mini Episode 14: Suspiria (2018)
Episode 27: Crabs: The Human Sacrifice
Episode 26: Fear Street
Mini Episode 13: My Pretty Vampire
Episode 25: The Wild Boys
Mini Episode 12: Jules de Grandin, Occult Detective
Episode 24: Hell House
Episode 23: The Torture Garden
Mini Episode 11: Ass Goblins of Auschwitz
Episode 22: The Affair of the Poisons
Mini Episode 10: Best of 2018 (So Far)
Episode 21: Dark Dance
Mini Episode 9: Mel Gordon Tribute
Episode 20: Facial Justice
Mini Episode 8: "The Bloody Chamber"
Episode 19: Creatures of Will and Temper
Mini Episode 7: Short Story Swap
Episode 18: Incubus
Mini Episode 6: Best of 2017
Episode 17: Dragons of Autumn Twilight
Episode 16: The Monk
Mini Episode 5: Pretty Deadly
Episode 15: Ready Player One and I Hate Everyone But You
Mini Episode 4: Paperbacks from Hell
Episode 14: Under the Poppy
Mini Episode 3: Red Spectres
Episode 13: Tenebrae
Episode 12: The Final Programme
Mini Episode 2: The Last Days of New Paris
Episode 11: Gilded Needles
Mini Episode 1: The Armageddon Rag
Episode 10: Strangely Beautiful
Episode 7: The Incal
Episode 6: Alraune
Episode 5: Goosebumps
Episode 3: My Sweet Audrina
Episode 1: BleakWarrior