Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Game Style and Player Expectations

After talking about the social contract here, I starting thinking about how I would advertise a new game and set player expectations at the same time. Here's my attempt at describing what I'm up for running at the moment:

Open Table
I don't expect the same group of people to be available to play each session; drop-in, drop-out when you can, if you want. Or play every session. 

Filthy Casuals Are Welcome
You don't have to be a seasoned veteran of D&D to play in this game. New players are welcome. I'll help you out as much as you want; just ask.

Big Damn Heroes
I expect that characters can get away with stuff that "normal" people can't. Death and failure are on the table, but your character can certainly be larger-than-life.

Dark Fantasy
The over-arching aesthetic I'll be going for is informed by the conventions of Gothic literature. Think Bloodborne, Penny Dreadful, Dracula, Crimson Peak, and you've got the idea. There will be "horror" and "folklore" themed content.

We're Not Partisans Here
If you're going to be grumpy that this game isn't using the rules from your favorite edition, "school" of rpgs, or flavor of game, you'll be happier if you find a different game that fits what you're looking for.