Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Bewildering Attitudes I Have Encountered in the Wild (part 9: Harassment Edition)

  • The Mother of All Goal-Posts Shifts: We can't even begin to do something about harassment in the gaming community until we address the political and economic problems in our government first. (Eagles soar.)
  • That guy has been harassed in the past, so he should be given a free pass to harass others.
  • It's important to call out harassers in the community, unless the harasser is my friend or can help me sell books.
  • Calling out harassers in the gaming community is exactly like the Salem Witch Trials or the LA Riots. I say this with a straight face. This is a valid comparison I am making.
  • As part of my defense of shitty people, I will now reiterate my service record--like that matters one fucking bit.
  • Calling out harassers actually only hurts the people who were going to glom on to their projects; it's a form of harassment itself, if you think about it.
  • What is harassment anyway? No one knows!