Thursday, October 26, 2017

TridentCon 2017

TridentCon is an RPG convention happening on Nov. 11 & 12 in Baltimore. An adventure I wrote will be part of the convention-exclusive content available to play: "CCC-DDT-01 The House At Weeping Quay
Tier Two (Lvl 5-10). A premiere con-created DDAL adventure for TridentCon! In his melancholy, the bard has unleashed something horrible...dare you set foot in this accursed house of madness and murder? A gothic mystery adventure saluting Edgar Allan Poe." 
Suffice to say that if you like my particular brand of Gothic Fantasy, and like spotting allusions to some classic American Gothic literature, you're probably going to have a grand old time.

If that doesn't move you, I am assured that there are going to be plenty of games on offer no matter what your favorite flavor of gaming happens to be. Here's the scoop from Erik Jensen, the conference organizer:

"The rest of the events (mostly organized-play stuff) are up and open for TridentCon 2017!

Get over there, get your badge, and sign up for games! We have a ridiculous lineup this year in support of our "Old-School Baltimore" theme.

You like DDAL? We have a ton of Tomb of Annihilation content, including a con-long hexcrawl through the jungles of Chult. We have classic dungeon delves from Yawning Portal. We have sweet con-created content, including a brand-new TridentCon-exclusive adventure by +Jack Shear (yeah, you read that right). We have Tier Three content in the form of the 'Necromancer of Zhentil Keep' trilogy.

You like Pathfinder Society? We have a nice blend of content for different tiers, including the "Assault on Absalom" multi-table special Saturday night. We also offer several sessions of Starfinder you can check out.

You want to try Greyhawk Reborn? We have three tables of it, all con long, including a special multi-table interactive. Come get your Greyhawk on!

You like new-school games? How about some Lasers & Feelings? Some FATE?

You like old-school goodness? Get cracking on some Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea. Jump in to some Blueholme. Gamma World. Stonehell. Mutant Crawl Classics. Tekumel. USR. BREAK!!. Call of Cthulhu. And more.

Did I mention we have two different huge megagames (up to sixteen players) of Aerodrome? TINY BIPLANES YOU GUYS

If you miss out on TridentCon...well, you miss out."