Monday, May 28, 2018

The Destined: Human Supremacists

A faction in Umberwell.

The Destined are a faction of human supremacists who believe that Umberwell is the human homeland foretold in an ancient prophecy. They believe that all demihumans—a pejorative term they use to refer to non-human citizens—should be deported from the city-state to transform it into a land of racial purity. Membership in the Destined is limited to those of full human ancestry; although most of the Destined’s members are drawn from the working class, the faction is secretly bankrolled by a select inner circle of wealthy businessmen and human aristocrats who see the rank-and-file members of the group as expendable shock troops in the war against “lesser races.”

Up with humanity! Down with the demihuman!

  • Umberwell is destined to be humankind’s racial homeland.
  • Non-humans are lesser beings than humans.
  • We need stricter immigration policies to stem the tide of non-humans arriving in Umberwell.
  • Push non-human citizens out of Umberwell.
  • Awaken racial pride in other humans.
  • Disrupt a dwarven cultural festival.
  • Gather blackmail material on a member of the Ministry of Altars and force them to back regulations against non-human temples.
  • Start a deadly street brawl, and make sure it can be blamed on the “naturally savage” catfolk.